Cloud Gavin

a band with midwestern blood

(217) 419-4235

Cloud Gavin is a band with midwestern blood, invented mid-2010 in Danville, Illinois and are residing all over the United States currently. Cloud Gavin is a band that has the perfect amount of flawlessly driven energy and atmosphere that compliments their unique quiet/loud song-writing. Their ever-evolving sound will always have you refreshed and guessing what will be next. 


Cloud Gavin has a melancholy yet dreamy vibe that’s like floating down a river in a pitch black jungle; dark yet fantastical. Their sound is spacious, eerie, edgy, and unbelievably intriguing.
— Ashley Aron of
Cloud Gavin are a rare find in today’s heap of emerging artists. Not only do they have a unique style and sound, but even a brief listen to the opening tracks of Posture proves that they’re an utterly versatile band that puts their talent to use in a way most others would find incomprehensible. From start to finish, Posture is an album that playfully changes itself in a way that’s low-key in the moment, yet broad and elegant in the long view.
— Thompson D. Gerhart of
Cloud Gavin having the appearance of a band that is genuinely little-known, they boast a big sound on Posture that displays high promise for their future. With high levels of passion and wonder in their performance, the set of songs on the album is absolutely indestructible.
— Andy Davidson of

Either if it's the first time or hundredth time witnessing Cloud Gavin live, they leave you with a suspenseful, emotional, and chilling sensation. The completely self-established band has preformed in all 48 continental states in the US, has toured up to 3 months straight, preformed with numerous nationally recognized acts, and will be looking to further their legacy in the year of 2016.

The tension between light and dark and the desperation for grasping middle ground leaves the listener swimming in dream-like states only to abruptly crash in torrential downpours of anger, madness, and hostility; taking the best and worst of both worlds, intermixing, resolving, and destroying again. Sweet clean intricate guitars, tight rhythmic grooves, whispered vocals, break-downs, screaming distortion, and harsh vocal pleas come and go like spontaneous Midwest weather and storms. The album is beautifully relentless in it’s change.
— Josh LaMore of
Imagine a world where sub-genres ceased to exist; no more melodic hardcore, no more post-rock, no more progressive metal, no more prefix-anything. Many groups would be vulnerable to the possibility of dissolving into infinity if this proposed society came into existence, but it is safe to say that Cloud Gavin would be the first to go.
— Michael Mind of